The Power of Manifestation: A little magical story

Hi guys, I’m on another walk and I’m just chilling on my favorite bench. I’m talking quietly because there’s people walking around here and it’s kind of weird to be talking to yourself with a camera in your hand.

But anyway, to me manifestation is the universe giving you a little push in the right direction. To be honest I feel like a lot of things, if you want to like get somewhere in life it’s a lot of work and a lot of passion and drive and just going after your dreams but there’s also like a part of the equation that’s unexplainable and magical.

Most of these are like the things that you couldn’t have planned but they’re working out in your favor and I feel like to me that’s manifestation. I don’t think manifestation is sitting back and wishing for something and not doing anything about it, and just hoping that it’ll come into fruition. That’s not manifestation to me.

I want to tell a little funny kind of magical story that goes with this theme. I went to Paris a couple of months ago with a friend and I wanted to show him a certain part of the park Versailles. I don’t know if any of you have been to the park but it’s all like sectioned off into little sections I guess. And one of my favorite parts is Marie Antoinette’s part because it’s it’s just magical.

I feel it’s just the way I like things. I like the little houses and there’s a little cave and everything and there is one old tree that is massive and it’s one of my favorite trees. I lived in Paris for a couple of years and when I was in there I made a promise to that tree that I will always go and visit it.

Anyway, so I wanted to show him that part of the park and when we got there the guards said that part of the park, we couldn’t enter any more because it was going to close in 15 minutes. I was so bummed because I wanted to show him that part because it’s so beautiful and the only word that I can describe it with is magical.

You have to go there yourself to experience it, so I was really bummed that that part of the park is sectioned off with a really high wall.

We were walking right next to the wall and I was kind of joking, that we should go up to the wall and put our hands on it and manifest a hole in it, so that we could get in.

We ended up walking to the wall. We both put our hands on the wall and closed our eyes and wished for a way to get in to the park. Then we walked maybe like 20 meters or something and there was a gate and I remember thinking to myself well it’s probably locked but let’s go check it out anyway.

We walked up to the gate and it wasn’t locked. We were able to just open it. Yeah I can’t explain that. I don’t know if those two things are related probably not me wishing something and then happening but I feel like maybe?

Anyway to end the story we did go in. I’m pretty sure it was kind of illegal because it was supposed to close. They probably forgot to close that gate. I don’t know. We went in and we had the whole park to ourselves which was even more magical. But to me I just decided, to me it’s just like the universe pushing you in a certain direction.

I feel like if you really really really want something and you trust that it can happen you believe that it can happen, I think that’s the more important part. That you actually believe it can happen and then trusting that you don’t have to worry too much about the ways. Then you’re manifesting.

And if it has happened in so many areas in my life, where I’m like I could have never prepared for that. I could have never arranged for that or planned for that. Things just happen and they push you in the right direction and it’s just amazing.

So anyway, this was my little story of the day. Leave a comment down below if you’ve ever experienced anything like that. Any kind of like crazy manifestation things. If you believe in it or not and maybe some tips on how you like to manifest.

How I like to manifest, maybe I should say that real quick. I have a vision board or a manifestation board right above my bed. So what I do is put pictures on there of things that I want. I have life how I want it. It’s mostly pictures that bring up a certain feeling. How I want to feel in life and honestly, if I want something, I’ll write it down and I’ll put it up there and not look at it again.

I just feel like holding on to something like, getting too attached to your idea is not helping.

At least in my case I can’t do the whole visualization every single morning. I don’t think that works for we. Maybe it does work for other people. Credit:

But yeah, that was today’s little video. I hope you guys enjoyed it I’m gonna continue my walk with beautiful nature and I’ll see you guys soon bye.

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