10 Tips to Boost Mental Toughness

Top 10 Ways To Boost Mental Toughness

Does every little thing seem to upset you? This may be because you haven’t developed mental toughness, or maybe you have, but it just needs a little boost! Either way, below are 10 tips to help you to boost your mental toughness so you can handle anything life throws at you!

  1. Only Focus On What’s Next

In a world that is filled with technology, it can be easy to worry about what will happen as a result of global warming, or when social security eventually runs out—but this still is all years from now! Instead of focusing on what could happen, focus on what is happening in the here and now—as that is the stuff that is truly important that needs your attention. Focusing, and worrying about the future that hasn’t begun yet will only lower your mental toughness.

  1. Don’t Let the Past Linger

Another reason that people suffer from a weak mental state is because they spend too much time dwelling on the past and the things they may have done wrong. Rather than making you feel better, this will only make you feel worse. Acknowledge that the past has happened, and resolve to look forward instead.

  1. Focus on the Positive

In addition to letting go of the past, you also need to let go of the negative things that are happening in your life right now. This means you can’t get upset every time some little thing goes wrong! You’re much better off taking a deep breath, letting the negative go, and focusing on the positive instead.

  1. Have a Routine
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This next one may seem a bit weird, but having a routine for your day can really help to make you more mentally tough, especially when this routine applies to how you start your day. Because if you start a day off strong, the rest of the day is sure to follow! So resolve to wake up early, get in your exercise before work, and eat a healthy breakfast and the rest is sure to follow!

  1. Visualize Your Future Self

Life can be hard sometimes, and there is no denying that you may hit tough times. When this happens, instead of dwelling on the present, start picturing where you will end up. Note that this is different than worrying about the future that is addressed in the first step, as this is positive visualization only. Just picture yourself and where you want to be in 5 years, this will help build your mental toughness as you face challenges with this image in mind!

  1. Spend Time With Mentally Tough People

Have you ever heard that you are the sum of the people you are closest to in life? Well it’s true! So if you want to become mentally tough, then it’s time to hang out with other people that are mentally tough. They can help teach you their ways and you will pick up some tactics just by spending time with them.

  1. Have Positive Affirmations
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Positive affirmations are particularly important when it comes to mental toughness, as mental toughness is a journey and positive affirmations can help you to overcome times of weakness. So develop a few positive affirmations that help improve your outlook and motivate you, then whisper them to yourself next time you find your mental toughness slipping.

  1. Stay Calm

Panic is the enemy of mental toughness, no matter what the situation is that you may be facing. The best way to learn to stay calm is by practicing this skill before you are faced with your next crisis. Develop a mental routine that you can pull out when you are faced with an unexpected challenge, and practice it until it is second nature. This routine can include everything from deep breathing, to affirmations, or even just a moment of silent thinking before you act.

  1. Consume Mentally Tough Literature

Just like you should hang out with mentally tough people, you should also read books about people who are mentally tough. This will help inspire you and remind you that any situation can be overcome. It’s also time to clear out media from the mentally weak—even if this means you have to delete your social media account or remove certain media influences from your life.

  1. Exercise

Surprisingly, the state of your exterior usually matches the state of your interior. So if you want to get mentally tough, it’s time to work on getting physically tough as well. This means you need to exercise, but also push your limits, to encourage yourself to become a new person. This connection is so natural that one day you will wake up to discover you indeed have the physical body to match your mental toughness.

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Boosting your mental toughness is no easy task, but if you are ready to embark on a journey to mental toughness, you won’t regret it in the slightest! You can use a few of the items on this list, or maybe you need to use them all, but you will absolutely love your life and experience unparalleled success once you become mentally tough.

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