woman relaxing and reading in a bath

10 Tips to Improve Your Mental Health

Mental health is a complicated aspect of life. Luckily, there are some things you can do each day to maintain a healthy mind. Maintenance is key when taking care of…

woman relaxing outside in a hammock

10 Tips To Improve Your Emotional Health

Emotional health is all about how effectively you regulate your emotions and respond appropriately for the situation at hand. It is one very important component of overall mental health. Today,…

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10 Things to Embrace This New Year

Entering a new year always opens people up to the great possibility of new changes and fresh starts. As you prepare to enter into the new year, consider these ten…

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10 Tips to Improve How You See Yourself

A positive self-image isn’t just a nice thing to have – it’s essential for your personal growth and overall happiness and well-being. How you perceive yourself has an influence on…

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You Are Who You Hang Out With

You Are Who You Hang Out With You’ve probably heard the often-quoted phrase by Jim Rohn, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with,”…

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10 Tips To Conquer Impulsive Behavior

If you struggle with impulsive behavior, your urges often leave you feeling frustrated and upset with yourself. Impulsive behaviors are those you feel like you can’t control, such as helping…

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10 Stress Management Strategies

Top Stress Management Strategies for a Healthy Mind and Body Nothing creates more destruction to the mind and body than stress. With anxiety around what has happened, what is happening…

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10 Lessons Learned From A Crisis

Crisis situations are no laughing matter. Not only do they cause an immense amount of panic and stress, but they can affect your physical health as well…

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10 Top Ways to End Your Day

How To Wind Down In A Healthy And Restful Way With rushing schedules and limited time, the day is filled with busy moments and delayed chores. By the time the…

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Stop Complaining: Use Gratitude to Make Your Life Better

Stop Complaining And Use Gratitude To Make Yourself A Better Life Have you noticed that we find it easier to complain than to show our gratitude? Sure, we all complain….