4 Hacks To Manifest Abundance Like A Pro


Do these Daily to Help you Manifest Abundance

1. Have Your Wish Lists Everywhere You Go

A good manifestation hack is to write a list of the things you want whether on paper, on your phone, etc., just have them anywhere you can see. It doesn’t matter if you keep writing every day, just do it.

This is an excellent way to remind you of what you want to manifest. Additionally, this can help you discover wishes that you may have forgotten about. You might even discover things you never thought you want until you write it on paper.

2. Pretend That Everything’s Awesome

Despite how bad things may seem right now, I want you to write yourself a letter. Tell your future self about all the great things that are happening in your life right. And then, tell yourself about how amazing your future looks like. Be as detailed as possible.

3. Daydream Every Day

Every day, set aside time to daydream. Instead of filling your mind with things you need to do for the day, or what happened in the past, etc., train your mind to think about the good things—even if they haven’t happened yet!

4. Say Thank You

Saying thank you to the universe, regardless how your day went, is important. Take a minute of each day to reflect about your day and be thankful that you were able to have that day.

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Thankfulness leads to gratefulness, and when you are thankful all the time, you get to practice gratefulness even more. When you are grateful, you get to have a better life, which will help you manifest abundance.

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