15 Things that Highly Intuitive People Do

15 Distinctive Behaviors of Highly Intuitive People

Do you ever reflect on a situation and consider how different it might be if you had acted on your gut instinct? Your intuition is, in fact, that sensation. Your decisions and opinions are being formed subconsciously by your intuition. It alerts you to potential danger and offers support as you navigate key moments in your life.

The ability of the brain to identify hidden dangers during the early history of man is what gives us our sense of intuition today. But in this day and age, most of us don’t actually know how to listen to it properly because we don’t use it very often.

It appears that we haven’t respected intuition nearly enough. Having said that, some people have greater intuitive abilities than others, and highly intuitive people act in unique ways.

There is one significant distinction that sets highly intuitive people apart from everyone else, even though cognitive science is just starting to make sense of the role that unconscious reasoning plays in our lives and thoughts.

And trust makes big a difference. Because we are used to thinking more logically and rationally, many of us suppress our own intuitive knowing of what we should do in a particular situation. Highly intuitive people know when to trust themselves.

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