7 Reasons To Start Your Day With Meditation

woman starting her day with meditation

Do you wake up feeling uninspired, weak, confused, and without focus? You may want to try out meditation. Starting your day with early morning meditations can positively change the course of your life. Effective meditation requires commitment to the process and patience as you proceed.

However, if you believe meditation is not for you, here are seven reasons that may make you change your mind:

  1. Helps with stress

According to the National Institutes of Health, meditation has tremendous power on your stress levels. Stress triggers the release of cytokine, an inflammatory chemical that leads to depression, disrupts sleep, and causes anxiety.

Studies have also shown that meditation helps tackle symptoms of stress-related conditions such as post-traumatic stress disorder, irritable bowel syndrome, and fibromyalgia. These conditions can affect the quality of your life especially if they aren’t dealt with on time. But meditation, if done properly, can help to significantly reduce the effects of these conditions.

  1. Improves emotional health

Consistently meditating helps you spend more time introspecting which improves your overall outlook on life. Studies have shown that people who receive meditation therapies saw a drop in depression symptoms. Also, people who engaged in meditation exercises reported having fewer negative thoughts when shown negative images.

Meditation also helps reduce the production of inflammatory chemicals like cytokines produced from stress.

  1. Gives clarity

With so much chaos in the world, it can be difficult having a clear picture of your next step. However, meditation can help give internal clarity which in turn affects the quality of your life. Starting your day with deep meditation helps declutter the mind and reinforces your core and helps you navigate through life with a better sense of direction.

  1. Improved self-awareness
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Meditating in the morning can help increase awareness of your emotions and thoughts while occurring. You don't have to be the most spiritual person to explore meditation. The level of self-awareness gained from meditating in the morning may help you out in difficult situations. This will also reflect in the way you deal with other people as you will get into fewer arguments with people around you.

  1. Improved well-being and sense of calm

Meditating every morning helps promote a feeling of well-being and calm as well as cut down stress levels. Meditation can help ground you so that you can take on the rest of the day with clarity. You will soon realize that you can handle difficult situations with greater clarity.

A study by JAMA Internal Medicine shows that meditation helps relieve pain, anxiety, and depression. The study stated that meditation was almost as effective in treating depression as an anti-depressant medication.

  1. Increased productivity

Stress and fatigue affect your level of productivity, but early morning meditation can help relieve stress and clear the mind. You can handle tasks with energy and enthusiasm which makes it possible to handle tasks efficiently and fast. Start your day by devoting some minutes to meditating as this will increase your level of productivity all day long.

  1. More energy to go through the day

Do you wake up tired and low on energy, struggling to get out of bed? A simple way out of this is to engage in morning meditations which can help free up your mind and create a calming effect. Also, it can help improve the flow of oxygen thereby giving you the energy boost you require.

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Get started already!

Regular meditation has several benefits, but the time you meditate plays a role in the benefits derived. Even if you aren't a morning person, devoting as little as seven minutes each morning can positively change the entire course of your day.

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