Define the Purpose in Your Life (Your Affirmations Will Work Better)

Define The Purpose In Your Life

If you have no direction in your life then the affirmations you create will not achieve as much as they could. Yes, you can use daily affirmations to correct a problem that you have in your life today. But your affirmations will be much more powerful when you can link them to where you want to go.

Do you have challenging goals in your life right now? If not, then that is OK, but we highly recommend that you create them today. Most people drift along aimlessly in life. They let life control them rather than being in control of their own destiny. Make a commitment right now to control your own destiny.

What Do You Really Want?

Has anyone asked you the question “what do you really want from your life?” It is very likely that they have or something similar at least. One of the most common job interview questions is “where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time?” Sometimes they will ask where you see yourself in a year or even 10 years.

It doesn’t matter how the question is phrased. What is most important is the answer. You need to know what you really want from your life and then set challenging goals to achieve this. The reason that most people cannot answer this question is because it takes thought and effort to answer it.

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So, how do you identify what you really want from your life? The answer is easy – just ask yourself the question! Go find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed. Take a pen and several pieces of paper with you. At the top of the paper write the question “what do I really want from my life?”

Focus on this question and see what your subconscious mind and your conscious mind come back with. When you ask the question think about the different areas of your life such as:

Your health and wellbeing
Your finances
Your job or business
Where you live
Your contribution to others
The material things that you want
Your relationships

This is by no means an exhaustive list. You may have always wanted to learn to play a musical instrument or learn another language for example. When you ask yourself the question and focus on it fully all of these desires should come to the surface.

As things come into your mind write the down immediately. At the end of the exercise, you need to review what you have written so do not dismiss anything even if it sounds crazy.

How Badly Do You Want It?

After answering the question and considering the different aspects of your life for a while it is likely that you will have quite a number of things that you desire written down. You need to be realistic here and perform an assessment to identify the things that you really want.

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We live in a world where wanting things is the norm. You are bombarded with different messages on TV and on social media telling you that you really need something that you don’t have right now.

Some of the things on your list may just be “nice to haves” and you will not be completely committed to them.

Go through each of the items on your list and ask yourself “do I really want this?” Notice the emotions that answering this question stirs up in you. Are the feelings for this thing really intense?

Or are they weak? You need to focus on the things where your feelings are the most intense.

Set Goals For The Things You Really Want

This is not a training about goal setting so we will just give you some general advice here. We always recommend that you use the SMART goal setting process which stands for:


You may see the acronym described slightly differently elsewhere but it is all the same. It is essential that you set specific goals. Just wanting more money is not a good goal. Use a specific amount of money when you are setting your goal.

Any goal that you set you must be able to measure. It is critical that you can check your progress towards achieving any goal. Your goals all need to be achievable as well. This doesn’t mean that you want to just set goals that you know you can easily achieve. It needs to be challenging but achievable. Ask yourself “has someone else achieved this goal?”

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Setting realistic goals is also essential. If you have always dreamed of being a sports star but are now in your forties and out of shape then this is not a realistic goal. You are not 20 anymore so deal with it! Finally, you need to assign a timeline to your goals. Open ended goals are never a good idea.

Create Affirmations That Support Your Goals

Now that you have set your goals it is time to create affirmations that will support them. When you do this, it will help you to sharpen your focus on your goals. Take a look at your goals and identify any weaknesses that you will need to overcome in order to achieve them.

You chose the goals you have set because they were things that you really wanted in your life. When you thought about these things you experienced strong emotions so recall these feelings and add them into your affirmations to make them more powerful.

In the next video we provide you with examples of affirmations for different aspects of your life…

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