Examples Of Life Affirmations

Below you will find examples of affirmations that you can use for different areas of your life.

The life areas we have chosen here are:

- Health
- Wealth
- Self-Esteem
- Relationships

There are other areas of your life that you can create affirmations around such as your happiness, your business or career, your family, your contribution to others your spirituality and more. You don’t want to end up with too many affirmations so don’t try to do too much at once.

Always remember that these are just examples. They are there to provide you with inspiration and not for you to copy exactly.

Health Affirmations Examples

If you are not focusing on your health then you need to change this today. Without good health you will not be able to achieve your goals in life. We do not know what your state of health currently is, so you do need some soul searching here to identify areas for improvement.

Are you overweight? Do you have bad habits that you know are bad for your health such as smoking and drinking alcohol? Have you got a regular exercise routine? Is your diet a healthy one?
When you look in the mirror naked are you happy with what you see?

There are so many areas of health that you can create affirmations around. When you create your health affirmations you need to have a plan of action to support them. You are not going to become healthier just by reciting affirmations no matter how passionate you are.

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Here are 5 general health affirmation examples:

- I am very grateful that I am healthy
- I totally reject toxicity in my body
- I love my body and know that it will serve me well
- I deserve to be in the best shape
- I always trust the signals that my body sends to me

Wealth Affirmation Examples

The state of your wealth is personal to you. A lot of people worry about money and the lack of it. If you do this then you need to change your approach here. Focusing on a lack of money will ensure that you will always lack it.

You may be wondering why we have not included an affirmation example with a specific amount of money in it. The reason for this is that we want you to create a goal around your wealth and add specifics here.

There is nothing wrong with using affirmations with amounts in them if you want to do that. Just be sure that they are congruent with any wealth goals that you want to achieve.

Here are 5 general examples of wealth affirmations:

- I am very grateful for how easily money flows to me
- I can call money at any time and it will come
- I will always have enough money for myself and my family
- I really love money
- I can make as much money as I want

Self-Esteem Affirmation Examples

It is essential that you have a high opinion of yourself. This is not the same as being arrogant. You need to learn to love yourself more. If you think that this is selfish then you have not understood the concept here. Believe in yourself and your abilities.

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A lack of confidence is a common reason why people do not achieve their goals or do anything meaningful with their life. If your self-esteem is low then your confidence will be low as well. Use affirmations to change this so that you can switch on confidence whenever you need it.

Self-love is a difficult concept for a lot of people. If you feel this way then you need to work on this. Having high self-esteem does not mean that you know everything and are better than everyone else. It is not a competition.

Here are 5 general examples of self-esteem affirmations:

- I can do anything
- I love my life and the rewards that it brings
- I am always optimistic
- I can turn on confidence whenever I need it
- I have the power to shape my life just as I want it

Relationship Affirmation Examples

Do you have the right partner in your life right now? Are you so in love with your partner that you cannot bear the thought of life without them? Do you always feel loved by your partner? Are you still looking for that special someone?

Of course, relationships are not just about love. If you want to achieve your challenging goals then you will need the support of others. The respect that you give others is critical in this endeavor.

Trust is a vital component in any relationship be it personal or business. You can use affirmations to help you to develop deep trust in all of your relationships. If you have a problem relationship at the moment then you can use affirmations to help you fix this. Here are 5 general examples of relationship affirmations:

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I will find my ideal partner
I love myself and will love my partner always
I feel love from my partner all the time
I have complete respect for others
I will share love wherever I go

We have deliberately kept this video short. You will notice that there are no emotions associated with these example affirmations. This is because we want you to decide on your own affirmations and add your most important emotions to them.

Don’t just copy the examples that we have provided here as they are unlikely to be a perfect fit for your situation. Use the examples for inspiration only. We cannot possibly provide a perfect list of affirmations for all of our readers to use.

In the next video we will discuss the common mistakes with affirmations that you need to avoid…

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