How To Create Your Own Positive Affirmations

How To Successfully Create Your Positive Affirmations

Now that you know the benefits that affirmations can bring you it is natural that you will want to start right away. But you need to know that for affirmations to provide you with the best results you need to create them correctly.

You need to create affirmations that are yours and yours only. They need to perfectly fit your own personal situation. Creating your affirmations is not something that someone else can do for you. We can give you suggestions of good affirmations which we will do in this training, but you need to assess them to see if they are a good fit for your life.

The good news here is that it is not difficult to create the right affirmations if you follow the steps in this video. Once you have created your personal affirmations you can then put them into action straight away.

What Are Your Weaknesses?

You need to start by identifying your weaknesses. What things do you not like about your personality? When you fail, what is the main reason for this? Do you talk yourself out of doing things that you know would be good for you?

Find a quiet place and start thinking about the things that you want to change. Write everything down. You need to be brutally honest with yourself here and there is no reason that you shouldn’t do this. Nobody else needs to know what you are doing. This is for you and only you.

After you have compiled a list of the negative things about yourself you need to assess them all to see if there are any commonalities. It is highly likely that you will find things that link the limiting beliefs that you hold. Maybe you do not have the right level of confidence to take on new challenges or you do not believe that you can do anything that you haven’t done before.

You will probably have to dig deep at times to get to the real truth. When you first start to look for commonalities and the reasons why you are experiencing negative thoughts, you may think that it is for one particular reason. But we want you to dig deeper as this could be something on the surface that is hiding a bigger problem below.

Put all of the effort that you can into this exercise. Getting this right is essential to your success with affirmations. You do not want to address just the symptoms but the root causes of your failings. Only then will you be able to transform your life for the better with affirmations.

Rewrite The Negatives Into Positives

Once you have identified the commonalities you need to create positive statements that you can use for your affirmations. So, for example, if you identified that you didn’t have the right levels of confidence to achieve your goals then you can write a positive affirmation to boost your confidence.

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This should be very easy for you to do as the positive is the reverse of the negative. If you have a limiting belief that says you cannot do anything that you have not done before then the positive affirmation would be in the form “I can do anything regardless of whether I have done it before”.

Take your time to address all of the negative areas that you have identified, and always remember that you want to make positive changes in your life and that overcoming these weaknesses is the best way to do that. It is essential that you have total belief in the power of affirmations.

If you do not have unwavering belief that your personal affirmations will work for you and change your life for the better then they will not work. It is natural that you may be a bit skeptical at first, but always keep your mind open.

With an open mind you are not shutting out the possibility of making the changes that you desire. You need to create your affirmations with total belief and have complete faith in them when you are speaking them too.

Write Your Affirmations Correctly

You need to be careful how you write your affirmations. Your subconscious mind will focus on particular words in your affirmations and not the entire sentences. What makes perfect sense to you may be totally misinterpreted by your subconscious. This is real so please pay attention to this.

The words that you speak with passion when you are reciting your affirmations will send strong signals to your subconscious. Words have a great deal of power and in some cases it is not just a question of changing a statement from a negative to a positive.

For example, if one of the limiting beliefs that you identified was “I am useless” then simply changing this to “I am not useless” will not work. Why? Because your subconscious will focus on the word “useless” and when it keeps hearing you say that it will strengthen the belief that you have about being useless.

In this case it would be much better to use “I can achieve anything” or similar. Then your subconscious will focus on the word “achieve” which is a positive thing. You need to test all of your affirmations to ensure that they will provide the right result for you. Using the wrong words can accentuate the negative which you want to avoid at all costs.

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You Are Already There

One of the biggest criticisms that people have about affirmations is that they are nothing more than a “wish list”. They are statements of hope rather than statements of certainty. This can be true if you do not write your affirmations in a way that your subconscious can accept that you are “already there”.

The best way to achieve this is to write your affirmations in the present tense. If you were to write “I will be a millionaire in the future” then this is definitely a “hope” statement. When is the future? It certainly isn’t today is it?

So, it is preferable for you to write this in the form “I am a millionaire”. The fact that you are not right now doesn’t matter. When you say this with passion and belief your subconscious will accept it more readily and help you to achieve this.

Keeping It Personal

We said at the beginning of this video that your affirmations need to be personal to you to be the most effective. This definitely applies when you are writing your affirmations. The best way to write your affirmations is by using “I” statements. These will be much more powerful when you are reading them out.

As it is all about you avoid using words like “we”. It is wonderful that you want to include your spouse for example, but it can water down the effectiveness of the affirmation. Also, you do not want to create affirmations like “millions of dollars are here”. Use a statement like “I am a millionaire” instead.

We are going to provide you with examples of affirmations for different areas of your life in this training, but these are just for reference. You can find thousands more examples online as well but resist the temptation to just use any affirmation examples you find as they are.

Check to see if each example fits perfectly with your situation. If an example in this training or that you have found online is a perfect fit then by all means use it. Just make sure that you have crafted most of your affirmations yourself.

Add Emotions To Your Affirmations

Anytime that you can add emotion to your affirmations you will make them more powerful. We are all stirred by our emotions and you will know what will work best for you here. You do not have to add emotion to all of your affirmations, but it will certainly help if you can add this into some of them.

Let’s assume that one of your goals is to be a millionaire. A good affirmation for this could be “I am a millionaire”. But what if you changed this to “I am a millionaire because it makes me feel so powerful” or “I am a millionaire because I love being in control”. Do you see how much more powerful these affirmations are? We will examine this further in the next video.

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Don’t Be Vague

Make sure that all of your affirmations are specific and you do not use any vague statements. You want to have a clear picture in your mind about the change that you want to make. With this clarity you will be able to write specific affirmations a lot easier.

As you are thinking about what you want also think about how achieving this will make you feel. This is the emotional element that we discussed above. If you want to be more confident for example, think about the impact that this will have on your life and how you will feel as a more confident person. Write a specific affirmation around this.

Make Your Affirmations Memorable

In order for your affirmations to work you need to recite them at least once each day. If you make your affirmations too wordy then you may struggle with repeating them clearly even if you are doing this from a written list (we certainly recommend that you read your affirmations from a list to start with).

Now we are not saying that you should leave out anything important when you are creating your affirmations. But think about how you can shorten a lengthy affirmation to say the same thing. Imagine that this is a test and that you have to memorize all of your affirmations so that you can recite them perfectly without looking at a list.

Some people make their affirmations catchy and memorable by making them rhyme and using other techniques. This is not entirely necessary, but anything that you can do to make your affirmations more memorable is going to help you.

Be Mindful Of Pain

When you are doing your soul searching to identify the best affirmations to use to turn your life around it may stir painful memories of your past. If this happens then please do not be concerned about this as it is a natural thing. Do not let this pain, however strong, stop you from creating the affirmations that you need to improve your life.

We recommend that you take a step back so that you can fully explore the root cause of the painful memories. Be patient here and calm as well. It is all about digging deep to find those root causes. Maybe you need to create more than one affirmation to tackle this problem. Just do whatever is necessary.

In the next video we will discuss the need for you to have a purpose in your life and use your affirmations to support this…

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