How To Use Gratitude To Manifest Your Desires

Feeling grateful is a high vibrating emotion that grounds you into the present moment.

When you genuinely feel gratitude for things in your life - you resonate on a high level which raises your energetic vibration and brings you into alignment with your desires.

Experiencing the EMOTION of GRATITUDE is like a MAGNET.
It doesn’t matter what you are grateful for… it could be past or present
BUT what MAGNETIZES your DESIRES is a feeling of gratitude that they have already manifested.

IF you can CULTIVATE that feeling inside you on a REGULAR basis, you will begin to condition your body and mind to work in harmony, believing that your desires already exist.

The best way to do this is through meditation and visualization on a regular basis.

Let’s say you are hoping to find your life partner. If you can already create in your mind a feeling of gratitude for finding that love and friendship right now,
You are evoking the same vibration as if it were already happening to you.
When you do that, and the emotion is strong and you repeat it regularly,
you will magnetize to you that life partner.

The LAW OF ATTRACTION has to bring them to you. There can be no other way!
You must:
1.Cultivate the strong emotion of gratitude as often as possible.
2.Start with appreciation for what you already have and move on to feeling sincere gratitude for the things you desire.
3.Repeat and conjure these feelings often in your mind and feel them in your body physically when you meditate and visualize.
4. Watch your life transform as your manifestations arrive!

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