Manifest Higher With the 7 Laws Of The Law Of Attraction

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There are 12 universal laws and one of them is the Law of Attraction
Under the Law of Attraction comes seven laws.

1. The Law of Magnetism
The law states that if you are tuned into the law of magnetism using the correct frequency, you will be magnetized to everything that you are thinking about.

2. The Law of Desire
For your desires to manifest, they need to be strong and consistent. The Law of Desire applies best when you think that the LOA is not working for you.

This particular law means that you are guided by pure intention. With that, you actually have to want it. Allow yourself to be driven by pure intention—be free of fear, doubt, and desperation; only then will you be sure that you will gain beneficial results.

3. The Law of Manifestation
To master the Law of Manifestation, you need to master being at the present moment. Remember, the mind is an extremely powerful tool. Everything you think about consistently is going to reveal itself at some point in your life.

4. The Law Of Harmony
The Law of Harmony is here to reveal the deep-rooted power that we have to align ourselves with the energy flowing through the universe. When you tap into the universal flow, you allow yourself to access what the world has to offer.

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5. The Law of Right Action
This law heavily relies on how you treat people and other living things in the universe. By merely being a good human, it will bring more positivity into your life.

This works like a magnet; what you put out in the world will go back to you in the same way. Be consciously aware of your actions and if they are honoring yourself and others.

6. The Law of Delicate Balance
The Law of Delicate Balance states that we should all balance ourselves. This is one of the primary themes of LOA—when we are balanced, we release high-frequency vibrational energy for LOA to work.

7. The Law Of Universal Influence
The Law of Universal Influence means that you have an influence on everyone and everything around you. With that, energy has the power to expand everywhere.

Tap into your powers and apply any of these laws as needed.

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